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How many times can you renew a listing on Craigslist?

How many times can you renew a listing on Craigslist?

Q: LOVE the new renew option on Craigslist renew, however I noticed I have 2 craiglist listings from June that I had already renewed wouldn't give me the option to renew craigslist again. Does it only let you renew them once? I of course know that I can repost them manually, but am wondering about the auto renew. I realize that you need something like 2-3 days before renewing craigslist, which I wouldn't do it that often anyways but does it only let you do the auto renew once period?? Thanks in advance.
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A: The ad will expire in 7 days after you post it, but you may renew craigslist at any time.


Q: Does anyone know how many ads you can post on Craigslist on one IP before they remove your ads?


Hello, I am marketing on the Craigslist section for casual encounters. I am currently posting ads in 28 different cities, and I use 2 different e-mail addresses for each city. When I was posting in around 20 cities my ads would last for days, but now that I am posting in 28 cities they last an hour or so and then are mass flagged.

I know renew craigslist is tougher on the casual encounters section now, but that is not it. I change my IP address daily so I know that is not it. I am thinking it may be time to change the e-mail addresses but they aren’t banned. Is there a certain number of ads you can post on one IP before Craigslist pulls your ads? I know it used to be 100 ads but Im thinking that might have been lowered. Any help would be much appreciated!
It is not from people flagging my ads. I get ads pulled from people flagging from time to time but this is a mass flagging. There is a limit of how many ads you can post per day per IP and it used to be around 100 but I think it has drastically lowered. I am wondering if 25 is the number.



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